UROTUBE: Site Overview

This website serves as a streamlined table-of-contents for quality urologic surgery videos.  It provides a convenient venue for urologists to quickly find the surgeries they are looking for.  It is organized by urologic region of interest and further broken down by procedure and surgeon.  With the widespread use of high speed internet and increased utilization of laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery, this online contemporary digital atlas of urologic surgery is warranted.  UroTube was envisioned as a crowd-sourced digital compendium of urologic surgery for use by both trainees and practitioners to learn and refine operative techniques. UroTube is a fluid and growing resource, and we welcome interested urologists worldwide to contact us with potential contributions.

This website is for informational purposes only. The University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Fox Chase Cancer Center, MD Andersen Cancer Center at Cooper, and Cooper University Health Care do not provide specific medical advice and do not endorse any medical or professional service obtained through information provided on this site or any links to this site.

Mang Chen, MD

Jeffrey Tomaszewski, MD


Contributions from:

Benjamin Ristau, MD

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